Summer Playlist Songs that are Perfect for Your Truck

You’re probably not going to be taking your pickup on a road trip too far outside the Seattle area. Still, with summer on the way, you’ll be driving around the area with the windows down, enjoying the area and great music feels necessary. Our fabulous service techs, sales staff and administrative team have suggested some great songs to put on your playlist the next time you take your truck out for a spin.

“Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman

We know, pickups aren’t exactly known for speed. That’s really not the point of the song anyway. It’s about escaping and leaving your cares behind, even if it’s just for a little while. For some, sliding behind the wheel of their truck is like putting on a cloak, making a song about escape quite appropriate.

“Everyday is a Winding Road” by Sheryl Crow

Really, isn’t that what fun in a 4x4 pickup is all about? Tackling a winding, rough terrain road with the power of your truck and your own skill as a driver. Even if you’re just driving to the grocery store, this song will put you in the mindset of a 4x4 excursion.

“Jack & Diane” by John Mellencamp

This fabulous rock song is all about small town America and savoring the little moments. Pickups are somehow synonymous with this concept too. We may not have a “Tastee Freeze” in Seattle and chili dogs may not be a part of your diet anymore, the song still rings true in our hearts.

“King of the Road” by Roger Miller

The bigger your truck, the more powerful it makes you feel – at least that’s usually the case. So, of course, “King of the Road” has to be on a powerful truck owner’s playlist. Own the road, and your parking spot at the local market with this hit coming through your speakers.

Whether it’s a local trip to the Seattle home supply store or the market or a 4x4 adventure, you need great tunes on your truck’s summer playlist. We hope you’ll consider adding some, or all, of our suggestions.

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