Trucks Need TLC During National Car Care Month Too

April is National Car Care Month, but we think it should be called National Vehicle Care Month since pickup trucks need TLC this time of year too. Many pickup drivers use their trucks heavily during the winter, while some cars remain tucked away in a garage to avoid the damaging effects of winter driving. At Sunset Truck, we’re here to keep your pickup truck cruising the Seattle streets in top condition.

Tires and Brakes

Some pickup truck tires look invincible. The truth is, they’re not. They get worn down, which hurts your gas mileage and can be dangerous. We can check your tires for wear and tear. We can also swap your tires with ones that are designed to handle wet and puddle-filled roads more safely.

While we’re working on your tires, we can also inspect your brakes. Brakes often get eaten away by the salt and sand used to keep roads safe for winter driving. A quick inspection could save you money down the line. More importantly, it could prevent an accident.


Winter driving often involves a lot of potholes and bumping. While you’re in the cab of your truck, you may not notice them, but your pickup does. It can get jarred out of alignment, even slightly. Those minor alignment problems can lead to bigger problems with your truck. We can check your alignment and correct and problems before it creates other issues. And a properly aligned pickup gets better gas mileage.

Routine Maintenance

Pickup trucks, like all other vehicles, last longer and perform best when they receive routine maintenance. As spring blooms, it’s an ideal time to perform any lingering routine maintenance on your pickup. If you’ve been putting off having your belts changed or waiting on that new engine filter, come see our technicians and get that work done this month.

Sunset Truck’s technicians look forward to seeing you in Sumner during April and all year long.

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