Ford Diesel Trucks for Sale near Puyallup

The Ford Diesel Trucks for Sale near Puyallup at Sunset Trucks offer great value for money. When looking for ideal heavy duty pickup trucks, most people look for trucks that offer superior durability, reliability, capability, and fuel efficiency. The Ford diesel trucks deliver on all the above aspects exceptionally well. The engineers at Ford have always gone to great lengths to build heavy duty diesel trucks that sufficiently meet the needs of people around the world.

This is why the Ford diesel trucks have always been top sellers in their different classes. In terms of power, these Ford diesel trucks offer some of the most powerful yet fuel efficient engines in their different classes – the Power Stroke Turbodiesel engines. Year after year, these Power Stroke engines have delivered class leading power and torque, enabling the Ford diesel trucks to consistently deliver some of the highest hauling and towing capacities in their different classes. You will never go wrong with a Ford diesel truck.

Ford Diesel F-250

One truck you should consider is the Ford F-250 Super Duty. It is a ¾-ton truck, and it is the smallest of the Ford Diesel Trucks for Sale near Puyallup. You will love towing and hauling with this truck because it offers outstanding power and capability. Its body is built using high-strength steel with additional crossmembers for extra rigidity; this truck’s body is also built upon a rock-solid full length, fully boxed steel ladder frame. You can count on it to handle huge loads on a regular basis without any problems. In addition, unlike most similar trucks that have been known to offer harsh rides, the Ford F-250 Super Duty offers commendable ride quality both on pavement and on off-road trails. You can also comfortably use this truck for everyday trips to the city and back.

F-350 of the Ford Diesel Trucks for Sale near Puyallup

If you are looking for even more capability, the Ford Diesel Trucks for Sale near Puyallup that you should consider are the ton Ford F-350 Super Duty trucks. Thanks to their available dual-rear-wheel configurations, these trucks can haul and tow a lot more. These trucks are also somewhat larger in size, with heavier front and rear axles. The Ford F-350 Super Duty also features a transmission that comes with a Tow/Haul Mode. When going uphill, this Tow/Haul Mode selects a lower gear that delivers optimum power and torque. Some of the Ford F-350 Super Duty trucks also come with engine-exhaust braking; this feature offers additional braking power when required, e.g. when going downhill.

Come and see the Ford diesel trucks at Sunset Trucks. These trucks are very reasonably-priced, so do not hesitate to inquire about them. You will find us at 603 Harrison St, Sumner WA 98390, and you can also call us at 888-NEXT-TRUCK.

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