Used Lifted Chevy Trucks near Puyallup

If you are in the market for a used truck, why not take a look at one that is lifted? Used Lifted Chevy Trucks near Puyallup are better in more than way not just because they are higher off the ground, but because they have more ability to do things other trucks cannot. Lifted trucks are also a little rarer than normal trucks as they get lifted later. Combining the power and feature galore of Chevy trucks with the ability of being lifted, the possibilities are endless.

Used Lifted Chevy Trucks Defined

Some people ask what exactly a lifted truck looks like or does. The answer is simple, especially if you look at a picture of a truck and a lifted truck side by side. The difference is obvious. Lifted trucks are higher up off the ground. The body is lifted higher above the wheels compared to the normal way that the body is close to the wheels. This gives it more space to climb over things life rocks as the suspension has more give.

2500HD of the Used Lifted Chevy Trucks near Puyallup

One of the more popular Used Lifted Chevy Trucks near Puyallup is the Silverado 2500HD. This truck is a step up from the 1500 and the Colorado by offering different engines available. It mostly depends on the year and trim model of the Silverado to know what kind of engine can be installed. However, some of the 2500HD can come with the most powerful engine; a 6.6L V8 Diesel engine. This diesel engine is perfect for towing the bigger things in your life or finishing up a project that was once difficult. Diesel engines give you more room for fun.

The other possible lifted trucks is the Silverado 3500 as well. Life the 2500HD, the 3500 can feature the same engine but adds a little more power. They also only come in a four door with a standard cab. Either way, everyone on board will have a blast as you take them on a journey they will never soon forget.

Lifted trucks are great for those wanting to go just about anywhere and be higher up. Rocks in the way are now a thing in the past as Used Lifted Chevy Trucks near Puyallup have the ability to go and go. If you have any questions or comments, call us at 253-299-4225 or stop in today for more information. We are located on Harrison Street in Sumner, WA. We proudly serve the surrounding cities including Tukwila, Auburn, Federal Way, and Fife.

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